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Spring 2021 Newsletter

Zooming in on wellness

Fewer than half of UK businesses have a wellbeing strategy, despite the impact of restrictions and lockdowns on staff over the past year. Alarmingly, seven out of ten businesses have no designated health and wellness budget, and nearly a quarter said they have no plans to introduce a strategy.

Other topics we’re covering include:

Untangling VAT challenges
VAT has been in the spotlight as businesses continue to struggle with the post-Brexit VAT regime. The Covid-related deferral for VAT payments is one bright spot, but there is also the delayed introduction of the

Boost to capital allowances
One of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Budget surprises was a new super-deduction for investment in plant and machinery.

Gig economy implications of Uber ruling
The Supreme Court judgment that Uber drivers are workers has wide implications for the gig economy.

Budget Support for business

Large tax rises over the next few years, as well as extensions of the shorter-term support for people and businesses, were key themes of the March Budget. Encouraging business growth was another aim.

 And lots more….

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